The new Gods

As I have seen in my life, religion is an antiquated idea used anymore as a tool to leverage ones personal goals and political agendas. It serves no semblance of what it supposedly was to be in its origins.

As a child, I went to church. Not by choice of course, but because I was told I had to. The church I went to though was pretty good as I remember it. There was no preaching of fear, xenophobia, politics, just the basic ideals of being a good person. There was scripture read of course, but I have no memories of someone telling me I would burn in hell. But it made no sense to me that there was this one old dude up in the sky to save us all. I believed there was more to it that nobody else seemed to understand.

Why do so many religions talk of these beings and expect them to deliver us from our mundane lives? Why did they not look at everything as god? Why couldn’t a tree, or a rock be god? To me it made just as much sense. I tried to figure out why if god created us in his image, then why were there so many people looking so different and why are there women? I mean seriously it was the most contradictory shit I had heard. I felt that there was more I needed to understand, but I didn’t get answers from anyone who claimed to have authority on said belief systems.

I had this idea that we dreamed of gods. We create them in our minds and bring life to them in our hearts. We share their stories with our words. So does this not make us gods? In that idea, are we not gods of the gods? We dream into existence, therefore without us there is no existence? These ideas can get you pretty twisted. I tried to learn from many different religions I came across. The thing I found in many that seemed to carry a little light for me to follow. In the root of most belief systems comes down to love but the rest of the stuff was just self preservation and fear driven order. Well I was good with the idea of love, the rest was all just political bullshit. The stories created by men, to justify themselves in positions of power to do as they will. The concept was not exclusive to the monotheistic religions, but into the polytheistic ones as well. It came down to those leading the groups. It was all political bullshit for personal gains.

I gave up on it all and quickly dismissed everyone and everything that had anything to do with indoctrination. I followed nobody but my own heart. It secluded me though. I still had my dreams. I still had this ability to feel energy around me. To understand the world around me. The rocks, trees, water, animals, everything I felt connected to. So all this made me do was to feel alone because nobody seemed to get it.

I started getting dreams where I was visited by these gods I read about. They were all coming to me asking me to help them see. I dismissed it as weird dreams. Soon though my eyes opened. All 3 of them. I started getting mass downloads that feel as if there’s no end. I started hearing a single voice. An old creole man. Talking half creole and half English. He opened the gates wide in my mind. I noticed similarities between us. My use of a cane, my likeness for treats, coffee, and smoke. Both of us in the same location of the crossroads. I found how to talk to him and I asked for help to understand. My fire was the busiest it’s ever been that night. Today I will go talk to him again. This time with the sun high in the sky. It was setting the last time. Turns out he prefers the sunshine while I’m allergic to it. Small price to pay for knowledge though.

I know I just flipped the narrative from past to present, but it’s because I’m still traveling on this journey. However now I know I have stories to tell. I already shared a short one about a painted sky. It came Saturday night. Sunday morning we had a meteor come ripping through causing all sorts of madness. I shared it on my other social media accounts. The others I’m still writing down.

The point of this post is to be the one to tell you, a lot of people have it wrong. There’s a kinship between a lot of the religions. The things that separate them is language and understanding. Think of it as something that speaks only in images and metaphors. It leaves so much to interpretation. The problem is it leads to misunderstanding, and greedy weaker people using it as a weapon to take the strength of the weaker minds. Don’t be so quick to dismiss things. Instead take time to understand it in your own way. Only can you know something by spending the time with it, as to truly understand.

Hate is taught by man, fear is learned by ignorance.

Love and compassion comes from time and understanding the deeper connection

Snowy Owl

Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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