Today’s messages 12/2/2020

1- watch for that you cannot see. It’s when you’re not prepared, you suffer the greatest loss.

2- don’t hold your glass too long. It will draw its next fill from you.

3- Trying to hold power for too long is like holding a match and not letting go. You eventually get burned.

4- the time of many losses will lead off the change of a spiritual shift, and more losses will ensue for all.

5- too long with a grave can drag you down as well.

6- wells will go barren and fires will ravage the land. Then man return to beasts.

Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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