Many people know the saying that “knowledge is power”, but why do so many disregard wisdom of knowledge. Knowing what is, differs greatly from knowing what you’re told or heard. We also have heard the term “seeing is believing” yet hallucinations can ravage ones mind. What is to say that hallucinations are not just a glimpse through a perception window between realities? Because some can not understand this reality because they can not perceive it creates doubt. Doubt caused them to make a conclusion on what they perceive. What if people who suffer from mental illness like dementia or schizophrenia, or similar behavioral disorders are just seeing something different that others can’t explain? That would be a huge can of worms to open.

Throughout time, man has used shared knowledge as a source of education. They write books of words for people to read, but not everyone who reads them gains knowledge. Some people have the ability to read a book and visualize a great story. While others get lost in the details. Some can go through a math text and unlock the universe, while some can’t count change back to a customer. Does it make a difference to which one is “sane?” Probably not, but we don’t apply this to people who are labeled with a behavioral disorder because as far as we’ve been told they don’t qualify as sane. I would like to ask why we do this? I am considered sane, yet I get visions. Not hallucinations, but visions. Some are my subconscious sending signals and messages of things my conscious mind doesn’t perceive. I get told they are wild day dreams etcetera, but I see them as reality. So why can’t we accept the idea that those who are “hallucinating” are just perceiving their reality?

We have been told over lifetimes what to think. We were told what is real. When those who see through it question it, they are insane heretical thinkers. Look at books people believe. The Bible is clearly written by men. It was used to push a power agenda to conquer the world. Christian based religion is one of the most violent religions in history. It’s not the only one in anyway. I myself can’t say I’m religious. I went to church as a kid and got what I needed from it. As I grew older and read more, I noticed that the majority of beliefs that were considered pagan were actually some of the most relatable. Some still used wrath of the gods stories, but always to justify a power play. However, If you look at the basis of practices they were the most sustainable people to live. Understanding balance of living with nature. Their reasoning for certain practices like sacrifice were misunderstood. It was to gain the favor of the gods for bountiful crops. Yet today we still do this, but it’s called composting and soil building. This is why we don’t need to sacrifice people or animals to the gods anymore. Someone explained the science of it and wrote it in books for farmers and gardeners. Realistically they were giving back to the earth. Now we have people who don’t heed the science, and over farm, over fish, trophy hunt, etc.

People who believe we are more than animals are more of a virus anymore. They spread and use up everything to sustain themselves. Those who are like animals at least understand that the more mouths you feed the hungrier you get. The food doesn’t go as far. Polygamy in any religion is the most ignorant selfish act. They are like a super virus. Because they don’t just have 12-18 kids with one partner, but with multiple partners. All because a book written by a man said this is how to gain strength through god. This is why I find those who are religious to be some of the most ignorant people. They take the false information made in a fictional book and follow it as gospel truth. They defend that belief with a ferociousness. I want to say that I have no personal grievance towards these people, but instead I appreciate them for their dedication to a belief. I just wish it was a different belief. They just grew up being told that this was truth. The word of god. Really though it’s the words of men.

A slave was useful until they are educated. A woman was useful until she was educated. Those in power knew that if they wanted to control them, they had to create an Idea that this was the will of something great that if angered would bring terrible things upon them. When they wanted to prove this they would tell stories. Those stories get transcribed and spread like a bad STD. Rewriting history in the vision of those who wanted to hold control. When dictators take over a land, they burn anything that contradicts what they want people to believe. I remember watching people burning books or steam rolling albums, because it was a message they didn’t like. Now you have a huge movement called Qanon Using totally false claims and propaganda to stir fear in the same people who blindly follow “holy scriptures” and believe every meme posted on social media. Again it’s controlled fear as a weapon.

Accountability is a word in the dictionary anymore. It’s no longer a value we teach in society. Our own use of trends have changed how the world is shaping. The constant ability to make a mess for someone else to clean up. Let the slaves farm the fields. Let the women cook and clean and serve the man of the house. Cut down a Forrest and leave the razed earth for someone else to fix. Sell a plastic replacement and leave someone else to dispose of the mess. It’s not a single person or group, but every one of us. We can say “it’s not my fault!” Really though it is. Our pursuit for our identity and success leaves a mark. I know I piss people off all the time. Some will read this and be so offended that I will become an enemy in their mind. The thing is that I acknowledge my faults. I try every day to change. I make decisions every minute to make my life of waste and abuse into one of healing. All I can do is try to make better choices. Sacrifice some convenience. Share what I have learned. Yes knowledge is power. What will your power bring you? Will you buy a big house and fancy car and live a lavish life of convenience, or will you try to make a real change to creat a better future? One of balance. One that we aren’t leaving for our children and grandchildren are left cleaning up.

Again I’m not hating on anyone with these statements. I’m just trying to share my perspective. This is my reality. It’s all over the place like trying to create fine art with a shotgun, but step back and see if something comes to light.


Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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