Fanning the flames from the grinding axe.

So I still see the same theme in my dreams. A land divided, with no more reasoning and ignorance from both sides. Its not that I believe we can stop any drastic action from happening, but instead I hope to prepare those who are fearing the inevitable clash that is not going to settle anytime soon. The rift between the 2 sides of this fight refuse to yield any ground. They feel that they have already given too many allowances and are done giving anymore. Those who are in the middle and just want to live their lives in peace are stuck. They are constantly getting pulled in two directions that they don’t want to go. The friends and family that have “chosen a side” are always trying to pull them to their cause. Now more people are losing the balanced thought process that allows them to understand and negotiate a resolution, which is causing a larger rift in our current society. the ones who are still in the middle are getting caught up in the crossfire. I hear from so many who are saying how they feel there circle of friends and family are getting smaller. You would think this is a feeling we are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but is from them having to separate themselves from the extremist views of both sides. The problem is perpetuated further because of the pandemic, but its not the root of the problem. We are losing, as a society the art of negotiation and communication. While the world is smaller thanks to technology, it has lost the connection from empathy.

All forms of media, including this platform I am using are separating the essential empathetic connection. People are emotive beings. while we can write words in a sequence to communicate a message, words on a medium do not emote. They can if you take time to write descriptors, but in an age of tweets and general laziness and impatience, nobody feels they have time for that. They cut it out of the communication as it is inessential to what they think the message is. People like myself cant read emotion. We can read the words you are saying, and understand a message, but we cant understand it without the key translator. that is the way you speak. Your body language, eye movements, breaths between words, and tone are completely missing from the dialogue. People may understand me better as I type out my thoughts, because I can say what I am feeling and have time to explain myself in a form that gives a picture that they miss when I speak face to face. This is because in person I am very empathic and tend to say things without the filter of time to process the better grammar formation that may say the same thing in a less abrasive way. So many think I am angry or insensitive, but its quite the opposite. I am a highly sensitive empath on top of the ASD as well as processing dimensional energy and echoes of other lives in all forms. I seem to many like I am a bit of a weirdo, spaz, or whatever other pejoratives you may use to describe someone like me. What this does is separates the feeling from the words. So in my case this is serving my feelings clearer because my overloaded emotive process is filtered down to the words I want to say. However the majority of the population arent like me. You cant understand that the emotion you feel when you read the words are your own. If you are reading something after a bad day at work or a frustrating incident, you’re going to be preprogrammed to process the words you read with that emotion. The same goes for the other feelings of love, or joy, sadness etc. no matter what you read, you process it with that emotion. So take a moment to think about what that does when you are on social media. Small tweet size messages from all sorts of different people, expressing their feelings or whatever. one after another. Memes, and other modern forms of artful communication are now added to the mix. Who is to know what that makes the communicator feel, so how is anyone else who has no experience with that image or situation will be able to process it? Now this is where the Pandemic has exacerbated the situation. More are stuck at home with our brains now trying to fill the time we used to have out socializing with some way to entertain ourselves. 25 – 30 years ago this was less likely. We weren’t addicted to the fast forms of streaming media entertainment and digital firing of our synapses. Instead we did things more active. Things that required physical interaction more that typing on a keypad. For me this is also exacerbated by a physical disability and other drastic health issues related to my Autoimmune disease. So while I want to do more, I am limited, but our children have become so steeped in this generation of tech, and feel that it is essential to life. everyone is becoming slaves to a machine driven by algorithms. we sign on to these media platforms and agree to their EULA (End User License Agreement) which gives them access to everything we do. Our feeds get filled with stuff that they want to sell, marketed in such a way to manipulate your choices by your browsing habits. Further you get pushed to decide, each decision gets less your own and more the choice you’re presented with. they use those choices to try to guide you into a category. This same process is used by politics. Special interest groups and political parties, use this same algorithm to help them swing you to their side. This is proven by this years presidential election for the United Sates of America. Republicans and Democrats alike are not here for anything other than the special interests of those who pay their campaigns. Both Parties have found ways to keep third parties out of the political field. No matter what they are still a part of the same machine. This election used fear and divisiveness to get the American voters to their side. The Democrats steal the votes from parties like the libertarian party by using messages like “don’t waste your vote on a candidate who has no chance of winning.” This works really well when you have a president who has been in office who is clearly incompetent and a privileged fascist. The Libertarians’ didn’t have a chance in this election just because nobody wanted to gamble. Those who would have voted for them but understood we could not have another four years of a trump driven government. Now this is the same for those who are semi conservative, but don’t vote. The republican party uses the fear tactic to push them out to vote. We had a record election voter turnout. Both parties leaders earned over 70 million votes each! Now that the loser of the election cant overturn the election, the media stirs the divisiveness even further. They push their ratings agenda to cause fear that someone is getting one over on the people. regardless of political party. all of this generates money etc. the one thing it also generates is resentment. Resentment on all sides. These politicians have used these tactics and stirred the pot giving a whiff to those who are poor and hungry for a piece of what they got. The security and comfort their money brings the upper class looks really good to the middle and lower class. Now like dogs we are hungry and agitated. instead of taking up arms for the ones who cause this very strong feeling of oppression, they keep the messages of fear to control their followers. some try to assure the rest that its all in control, but all they are controlling is you. Now like a dog fight, they are getting ready to release the dogs in the ring to get rich off of our blood spilled. It feels like its inescapable, but its not.

We still need to social distance. We need to wear our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), but we need to talk to each other instead of fear each other. When I say talk I don’t mean regurgitate the bullshit fed to us online. I mean saying “Hello” and “How are you?” Check in with your friends and neighbors. Make sure they are ok or communicate if you need assistance. that small local communication on top of the separation from media, will start to build that bridge between us. I acknowledge that people like me who are further distanced due to health issues, are more Affected by this predicament. However, if we all take that time to do this we can become a great united country again. Stop waiving political flags. Put aside politics and focus on your community. When we put our focus on the big picture only, we have no chance of making change. by making the focus on the whole country, the smaller communities get left behind. This is what allows the big money, and big business keep our country from making huge changes. I’m not ignorant. I understand there are town councils and county boards and state officials, but ultimately once you get out of the local town level, everything becomes driven by the big money motivators.

2020 has been the perfect storm to push this unrest into a possible fight for a permanent or long term control by big money. We are all so blinded by the smoke and loud noise, that we cant do anything other than react. I See more people everyday losing their middle ground. Everyday more pick a side. I really think that there needs to be less picking between column A or column B, and instead tell them what we need. Instead of waiting for them to fix our problem, lets work together to remedy it. By keeping the lower classes hungry, they keep us reliant upon them. Imagine what happens when we work together to lift each other up. Everyone prospers instead of just the few. We stand strong on our own, the country stands stronger. I was happy to see so many got out to vote. I am glad everyone sees the importance of having a voice. I just more would use that voice to say what they need instead of what they’re told they need. So while social media is a great tool, it needs to be recognized its nothing more than a way to advertise. Its not news. its not good for anything other than making the ones who control it, money. The news needs to be used for a measuring stick, instead of gospel because lets face it, its there for making profit. Opinion polls are just algorithm tools. A better measure of success is to see if you and your neighbors are happy and healthy at home. If they are struggling while you’re prospering or vice versa, it means there is something unstable and imbalanced. This will ultimately cause the prosperity to dwindle. for a community to thrive, everyone must thrive in that community. So use your front porch as the measure of success. Forget the big money grabbing greedy hoarders. They will wither and fall away, allowing the top heavy country become more secure and stable.

You can only change the world if you start in your own backyard.


Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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